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The Story Behind Deborah Lev

The story behind Deborah Lev Going through the purification process with Abba Father is not always pleasant, and I usually only feel the joy afterward. It is after one of my most painful purification processes that Deborah Lev was born. “Then I will give to the peoples [clear and pure speech from] purified lips [which

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Robe of Grace - Newsletter by Deborah Lev

The Robe of Grace

Robe of Grace Nothing we do can make sure we wear the wedding robe; it’s all about the GIFT OF GRACE – by the Blood of the Lamb. Now, when the king entered the banquet hall, he looked with glee over all his guests. But then he noticed a guest who was not wearing the

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fig leaf newsletter

The Fig Leaf NewsLetter

The Fig Leaf Newsletter Calling all businesswomen to action! Be inspired and uplifted by Deborah Lev’s testimony on this Women’s Day. The winner of the Fig Leaf Bracelet is also announced in this newsletter. Going through the purification process with Abba Father is not always pleasant, and I always only find the joy afterwards. Hopefully,

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protea and pearl newsletter

Protea and Pearl Jewellery Series

The Protea and Pearl Jewellery Series As followers of Christ, we undergo different processes. Though each process is unique and different to each believer, we feel a sense of comfort knowing that we are not alone; our brothers and sisters are also experiencing the same thing. We die to ourselves, live as a new creation,

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Elsa Cronje - Obedience testimony

The Obediance Dress Testimony

The Dress of Obedience Good afternoon dearest beloved of Abba 😍 The Story Behind the Dress of Obedience. I’m deep in the valley. There where my body is full of mud and the slime is constantly trying to keep me stuck.  These last few weeks have been super challenging. Just when I think I’m okay

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The Favour Doormat Testimony

The Testimony of the Favour Doormat After the design was complete Abba told me to study the word favour. I did not think much of it until I found 9 different meanings in Hebrew and 2 in Greek. It kept me busy for a whole week, but only feel it’s necessary to share the WORDS

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Blessing element

The Blessing Pattern Testimony

The Testimony of the Blessing Design May this design bless you in bringing encouragement and comfort for expericing a life like Joseph’s. May it’s declaration enlighten your eyes to see His blessings in many different forms in your life. Gen 49:22 — Gen 49:26 “Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a spring;

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The Breastplate of Victory

The Breastplate of Victory Hierdie week was hectic 🤯 Ek’t met tye gedink; “Abba, waarmee is U besig?”… Ek het gereeld aan depro se deur gaan klop… Slegte nuus vang mens maar net, hê… 🤷🏻‍♀️ En heng dit maak mens deurmekaar… Dis asof my neurons net nie wil connect nie… My emosies is orals terwyl

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