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Robe of Grace

Nothing we do can make sure we wear the wedding robe; it’s all about the GIFT OF GRACE – by the Blood of the Lamb.

Now, when the king entered the banquet hall, he looked with glee over all his guests. But then he noticed a guest who was not wearing the wedding robe provided for him. So he said, ‘My friend, how is it that you’re here and you’re not wearing your wedding garment?’ But the man was speechless. Then the king turned to his servants and said, ‘Tie him up and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be great sorrow, with weeping and grinding of teeth.’ For everyone is invited to enter in, but few respond in excellence. (Matthew 22:11-13 – The Passion Translation Bible)

As I have stated so many times before, I love how Abba Father brings new meaning to my products as time goes by. After reading this scripture one Saturday afternoon, I received a wonderful revelation that blessed me to my bones.

The ‘robe’ mentioned in verse 11 is GRACE. It’s a free gift we’ve all received. It means we do not try to come close to the throne based on our own personal works. The servant, as mentioned in verse 13, is thrown into the darkness because he turns what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross into nothing. Why? Because he still tries to be a good Christian instead of LIVING and HAVING a full relationship with Abba Father. Seeking His Face and Heart, knowing WE WILL NEVER MAKE THE CUT, that’s why we have Jesus.

It is by the Blood of Jesus that we can receive the robe of Grace. He made it possible. This is an interesting fact for the unconscious mind to grasp because it wants to create formulas, to-do lists, and creates patterns. That is why it is so important to discipline our minds by keeping the channel from the Holy Spirit to our unconscious mind open. How? By knowing and believing and reminding ourselves that we can only follow and allow the Holy Spirit’s prompting in each moment. Living from a position of thinking we know what we are doing, we know what is right and wrong or absent-minded living, the unconscious minds will revert to previous patterns and we will end up conforming to this world.

The Protea Blazer stands for the Love covenant that’s made possible through the outpouring of Yeshua’s Blood ONLY! Thank you, Abba Father! We receive it! We take it!

When we wear this blazer we prophetically declare that we are in the Love Covenant not by our own doing, but simply by accepting the wonderful gift of Grace. Yes, the process does not end there, our traumas and mind renewal begins to activate the Mind of Christ in our own minds symbolized by the pearls. This process can be one that makes us worry. That is where the swallow comes in, to remind us that His eye is on the sparrow, Abba looks after even the birds and the flowers. We need not worry.

Just as the protea has to burn before spreading its seeds, so we need to die to ourselves to be used for the Kingdom of God and His Glory.



When I allow You, Father,

to touch my eyes

I see the peculiar treasure

of all Your different designs.


The Protea Blazer is printed on white linen with beautiful colour and high quality. We custom make them using your prescriptions and size (R1 350 to R1 500). You can, therefore, choose to have it short or long. Another option is to purchase only the material per meter (R250) and create your own garments, bedding, table cloth, etc. (prices exclude shipping).

If you would like to order the protea blazer or purchase the material, please visit and like our Facebook page Deborah Lev Honey for your soul or WhatsApp Deborah Lev on 082 540 1673.

May you have a blessed day filled with the fruit of His Grace!

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