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The Dress of Obedience

Good afternoon dearest beloved of Abba 😍

The Story Behind the Dress of Obedience.

I’m deep in the valley. There where my body is full of mud and the slime is constantly trying to keep me stuck.  These last few weeks have been super challenging. Just when I think I’m okay then the next wave hits and I’m challenged yet again.  To try and heal from a knee scope, while on crutches, not getting enough sleep, and taking care of a 10month old is an impossible task. I wonder how on earth I thought it’s a good idea to get this scope done NOW. I’m constantly confronted with my own incapability to move, to help myself and my son as well as to do simple things I was so used to.

Anyway, this testimony is about how the plans Abba has never ever looked the way I expect them to. Sound familiar?  I have been waiting for Him to show me when to do the photoshoot for the dress of obedience for more than a month now. Then, out of the blue Thursday morning, BAM – I have to do it! While I’m in this state … This STATE…  I was like – whaat? Really? I cannot even shower. HAHA… And so, when I look at these pictures – it looks like I’ve never been happier right? Well, if you knew what I have been feeling these last few weeks – then these pictures should have looked a lot different. I’ve been squeezed and challenged in ways I never thought possible and all that came out – mmm… Parts of me I never knew, and I’m not so fond of.  What did this photoshoot deposit in me? Abba owns my eyes. He will make me see what I need to see.

What did these few challenging weeks deposit in me? He loves me NO MATTER how I react to circumstances He already knew and orchestrated. WOW.

The part of me that thinks and believes I have to do good for Him to love me, really DIES HARD. Oh, my hat… I keep on finding myself wanting to strive for His approval… Praise be to Him that His spirit makes me aware of it and I can change it! Praise be to Abba that His mercy is new every morning and His grace is enough. No need to feel guilty for my reaction in these challenging times.

I was praying and asking what have I done wrong to experience these challenging times and Abba answered that it’s time to change my view about circumstances, to STOP looking at them as events that need to remove something in my life, discipline me or reveal the bad. Circumstances are more often there to deposit something of Him I need or want, no matter WHAT or HOW I think that should have looked.

He also wants the unique version of Him inside of me to be in certain places at certain times. He is the maestro and because I choose to play in His orchestra, I need to follow His instruction to contribute to the beautiful music piece. And no, I will not always be playing beautiful notes. Can I accept this?

The part of me that believed things have to always be okay if I am a child of God, ALSO DIES HARD. Things just are, all things are there for the greater good – He says so, so why do we question it?

The design for the dress of obedience (the harp, butterflies, and cups) means to find joy in TODAY, in the small things. To be content with what each circumstance brings while allowing the deposit to happen – NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. In that position, transformation will constantly be taking place. Transformation of our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our thoughts, our spirits, and our souls. Then, we will each be able to drink the cup destined for each one of us.

When you wear this dress, you remind your soul to ALLOW ABBA to be the maestro, while you wait for HIS DEPOSIT. Orders close 25 D

September 2021.

Ephesians 2:10 (Passion Translation Bible)

10 We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!

© Elsa Cronje \ Deborah lev –  Honey for your soul. 🐝🌈👊🏻

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