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Calling all businesswomen to action! Be inspired and uplifted by Deborah Lev’s testimony on this Women’s Day. The winner of the Fig Leaf Bracelet is also announced in this newsletter.

Going through the purification process with Abba Father is not always pleasant, and I always only find the joy afterwards. Hopefully, in time, this will also change. It is after one of my most painful purification processes that Deborah Lev was born.

“Then I will give to the peoples [clear and pure speech from] purified lips [which reflect their purified hearts], That all of them may call on the name of the Lord, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder (united).” (Zephaniah 3:9)

Here’s the story:

During the wintertime of 2018, Abba Father discontinued all my coaching clients and kept calling me closer. After a month or so, I woke up in the middle of the night and sitting straight up in bed, while seeing and hearing the following:

“You will return to the farm where you grew up on and take a bottle of red wine with you. Get on your knees in front of the diary, place your hands on the ground and heal it, because it is crying out. Pour out the wine on the ground, mix it and apply it on the back of your head.”

I have to admit; this was the first time I did not ask for confirmation when receiving a mandate. I was so sure and convinced that only my Father will give such a demand. Little did I know, that’s why my flight was already booked to Johannesburg.

Our farm was sold to the government, which means that access to it will be a bit tricky, but not necessarily impossible. My dad picked up the phone, and because he has such a lovely heart (I call him Boaz) and speaks Sesotho, the new owner, Isaac, was willing to have me come to the farm to take photos. Photos? When I told my dad, I want to go and pray on the farm; he thought it would be best to tell Isaac that I am going to take photos.

So, on the 10th of July at 10:50 am, I had the wine, the bakkie and ready to complete this mission commanded by Abba Father. The farm is about 9 km out of town, and as I was driving there, I started to see why the ground is crying out. Without being able to stop the tears from flowing, my childhood on this farm started to make a lot of sense. The things I felt, saw and experienced as a child all came into the Light.

“And you will know the truth [regarding salvation], and the truth will set you free [from the penalty of sin]. (John 8:32)

As soon as I hit the gravel road, I was crying and making sounds from my inner being that I did not know existed. The closer I got to the diary, the more vivid the images became; images of all the evil things that happened to the ground, on the ground and with the people that lived there.

I felt embarrassed to come to the farm on false pretences and decided to park the bakkie in such a way that no one would see me while I’m praying. Through my tears and sobs, I saw that Isaac was making his way to the bakkie and I heard Abba Father say: “Just get out right here and do what you came to do.”

I got out, fell on my knees on the fresh brown ground, and started to pray with my hands flat feeling the soil and weeping. Swept up by emotions, I kept on praying without looking at Isaac nor paying attention to what was happening around me. I only stopped when I felt complete peace and was able just to breathe. When I looked to my right, to see where Isaac was, he was nowhere to be found. I took the wine out of the bakkie and poured it out on the ground, mixed it and rubbed it into the back of my head.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ [that is, grafted in, joined to Him by faith in Him as Savior], he is a new creature [reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit]; the old things [the previous moral and spiritual condition] have passed away. Behold, new things have come [because spiritual awakening brings a new life].” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I felt like a new creation for the very first time, even though I have believed that I am a new creation for a long period, I never really felt it, until the 10th of July 2018.

I asked Abba Father to send me a sign that I’ve been obedient. And while I’m staring at the sky, waiting for something HUGE to happen. Three honeybees come straight at me. I got a fright and jumped into the bakkie and closed the door while the three little bees hang around the windscreen.

While I was staring at them, the song by Casting Crowns, “Song that angels can’t sing”, popped into my head, especially this part:

“Glory Hallelujah
To the Lamb that was slain
I cannot hold it in; He’s given me a brand-new name.”

“Must be because I listen to that song quite often, and I want to receive a new name,” I thought to myself driving back to my father’s house.

Later that afternoon, when I shared my experience on the farm with my aunt, she said, “The three bees were your sign, Elsa. Honeybee is Deborah in Hebrew. Go and read about Deborah in Judges.”

That night I read about Deborah as fast as my eyes allowed me to see through the tears of joy. I prayed: “Abba Father, I’m sorry I missed my sign. Could you please send it to me again? If You’ve really changed my name and I am Deborah to You, please send me a bee again.”

Forgetting about the prayer and request I made, we left for the airport early the next morning and stopped for coffee at Grasmere Plaza. I got out and almost choked at the smell of petrol thinking: “What can possibly live in these fumes?” Just as I wanted to start walking, the little bee approached me. Praise be to our Father!

After I arrived home in Still Bay, I started writing devotional poems to Abba Father, pouring out of me without hesitation. Poems that make me feel His Spirit and leaves me pondering how He is writing these poems through me. After a month or so, the demand came to put these poems on products.

Having two various friends confirm this in strange ways, I agreed to proceed with Abba Father starting the process. It was my deepest desire and only request that the poems and products should take people deep into His presence and make them feel His love; let it be honey for their souls.

As if I am in any position to negotiate purpose, but I did.

It’s after this prayer that Deborah Lev – Honey for your soul, received her name. As you now already know, Deborah is the Hebrew for honeybee and my new name. Lev is the Hebrew for heart and the reason for choosing this, is the deep love and intimacy in the Father’s heart. Honey for your soul came along when I realised how sweet the poems are and how His Word through these poems is actually honey.

Step by step, I prayed for the next appropriate action, and Abba Father sent the right people at the right time and brought everything together. I asked how I am supposed to put the poems on products, and He answered: “Put them in categories.” I saw how the poems fall into four categories and dreamt about what the elements should be representing each one of these categories along with the colour schemes. I realised that three of these categories are actually what we undergo constantly. It’s timeless and will continue. These patterns are:

Leaf, butterfly and honeycomb pattern

  • The leaves symbolise constant growth and confirm the verse in Psalm 1:3 and Jeremiah 17:8 that our leaves shall not wither. Meaning, we shall stay healthy and prosper.
  • The honeycomb symbolises the pattern of God, always staying the same and being GOOD. Abba Father will always stay true to His word in supplying wisdom whenever you ask for it; just as a honeycomb keeps forming when the bees keep doing what they are created to do.
  • The butterfly symbolises the transformation we constantly undergo when we allow Jesus Christ to make us new and transform us into His image.

Protea, pearls and swallow pattern

  • The protea symbolises the royalty in LOVE spoken about in Psalm 45:10-11“Now, listen, daughter, pay attention, and forget about your past. Put behind you every attachment to the familiar, even those who once were close to you! For your royal Bridegroom is ravished by your beautiful brightness. Bow in reverence before Him, for He, is your LORD!”
  • The pearls symbolise the fact that we are ransomed by the Blood of the Lamb for the precious pearl – His peculiar treasure inside us all. As well as we need to turn our traumas into pearls (Matthew 13:44-46 / Malachi 3:17).
  • The swallow symbolises that He loves us. He cares for us in little things and in big things (Psalm 84:3). It also symbolises that we look out for His return (Isaiah 38:14).

Feather, crown and fire pattern

  • The feathers symbolise we are protected and covered under the Wings of the Almighty (Psalm 91).
  • The crown symbolises that we are a priesthood, separated and destined to be children of the Most High God.
  • The Fire symbolises Proverbs 17:3 – In the same way that gold and silver are refined by fire, the Lord purifies your heart by the tests and trials of life.

Deborah Lev sells a variety of products that consist of the above three themes with different devotional poems. The products remind us of Abba Father’s love and serve as a symbol to renew our minds and station us prophetically for what we have to accomplish for His Glory.

Being a businesswoman in a worldly system, requires strong character, the Holy Spirit, our Father’s intimacy and the Blood of the Lamb. The time has come to dress ourselves with His Word emotionally, physically, prophetically and spiritually.

It amazes me how Abba Father uses different symbols to teach and remind us of different things.
At first, the fig leaf bracelet meant the reminder that Abba Father opens up the door to our new season, leads us in and let us taste His fig for us. It focused on prosperity, joy and fruitfulness.

Song of Songs 2:13 (Passion Translation):
Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you?
The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth.
The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere.
The fragrance of their flowers whisper, “There is change in the air.”
Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place.
For now, is the time to arise and come away with me.

I received Song of Songs 2:13 in the Passion Translation to best describe the meaning of the fig leaf bracelet. Little did I know that this meaning of this precious piece will change 8 months later.

How did it change?

After Adam and Eve ate of the tree of life and death, they felt unworthy and hid from Father God. They also hid their most private parts of themselves from each other. How often do we hide our most private thoughts?

Why is this significant?

We have fallen into that exact same trap – hiding ourselves from Father God without realising and also hiding our sacred parts from our spouses. This happens unconsciously or consciously because of unworthiness. So, the question the Holy Spirit asked me was: “What is your fig leaf? What are you covering your unworthiness with?”

This made me think for 3 months non-stop, and I discovered how my core-DNA was twisted with unworthiness in a very subtle yet evident way without me knowing or realising or wanting to admit to myself. I had to rewrite my core, which was a process and a journey.

I’m also excited to take this opportunity to announce that I am now busy composing a 3-month journey to overcome unworthiness which will be produced via Take a Leap Coaching and will be accessible for everyone.

The fig leaf bracelet, therefore, now reminds me that Jesus was my fig leaf, covering my unworthiness, and I do not need to hide from Abba Father, myself, my husband or anyone else. Praise be to our KING!

I would love to hear your own interpretation of the Fig Leaf Bracelet and what it means to you personally. I’m sure it will differ depending on where we are in our journey with Abba Father.

The winner of the Fig Leaf Bracelet, tagging the post people in their comment is: Eria Grove.

May Deborah Lev – Honey for your soul be a blessing to you and take you deeper into the Father’s heart while saturating you with His love.

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