New Wine Paperback



A journaling-colouring book filled with messages from Abba Father to encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate His daughter becoming New Wine.

Elsa Cronje wrote down what Abba whispered while being in the darkest valley possible.

“The New Wine journal is not only a beautiful coffee table book.

Exuberant messages are written as letters to a daughter; it grasps your attention and brings hope.

Elsa Cronje, a registered and qualified transformation coach, brings the reader in close contact with not only the Holy Spirit but with

God and his love for us. It is an inspirational book and brings hope and a new dimension to the relationship with God.

It is an eye-opener to many and those in distress, a gift of light.“

(Alet Enslin – Poet and Language Advisor at Kreatio)


Read the testimony behind New Wine on Elsa Cronje’s website:

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