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  • Purified Journal - Oasis Honey

    Purified Journal


    Meaning: The feather, crown and fire pattern symbolises that Abba Father is our shelter, He protects and covers us, we are His and the purifying process. Description: A5 Journal with full colour print…

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  • Love Covenant Journal - Oasis Honey

    Love Covenant Journal


    Meaning: The protea, swallow and pearl pattern symbolises the Love covenant we have with Abba Father, He cares for us, His eyes are on the swallow, He takes care of you. Description: A5 Journal with…

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  • New Season Journal - Oasis Honey

    New Season Journal


    Meaning: The leaf, honeycomb and butterfly pattern symbolises growth, transformation, new creation and a fresh start. Description: A5 Journal with full colour print of the leaf, honeycomb and but…

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