Deborah Lev

Deborah Lev is ‘n Christelike handelsmerk gebaseer op toewydingsgedigte geskryf oor en aan Abba Vader, Jesus en die Heilige Gees. Deborah Lev stimuleer die onderbewussyn om die liefdesverbond te herroep wat ons met Abba Vader het, maak nie saak waar ons onsself bevind nie. Wanneer hierdie produkte gebruik word, sluit die onderbewussyn die kanaal na die Heilige Gees oop sodat Abba se nimmereindigende liefde vir ons ‘n realiteit kan wees elke dag. 

Prophetic Patterns by Deborah Lev
I am privileged and honoured that you decided to visit this page and look at our Holy Spirit inspired prophetic designs. Each one of these designs was given to me by Abba Father in a unique way and they each have a story. Make sure to follow our Facebook page and join the Oasis Honey South Africa Community group in which the meaning and story behind every new pattern will be revealed with a live event. Each pattern has a specific product and sometimes there will be a few of the items for sale. Join Deborah Lev's Broadcast group to know about these items first. 
The heart behind these prophetic patterns is to identify where you are in your journey with Abba and have a design that reminds you He cares. The idea is to ask Abba Father WHICH item you need to print or have with the design that speaks to you. I will then connect you to our supplier who will manufacturer your item with our pattern on it. As simple as that... 
We have suppliers from stationery, clothing, bedding, décor, and much much more. The sky is the limit. Want to use your supplier? That is also possible. 
Want to resell the items? Please purchase a license in order to do so. Email me at for more information. 

How does it work? 
Step 1: 
Find the pattern that speaks to you.
Step 2:
Purchase the pattern. (The cost includes the set-up fee for your item among our suppliers as well as the design in a PDF or JPEG format.) 
Step 3: 
After completing payment, I, Deborah Lev, will contact you personally via WhatsApp to find out which item you have in mind. You can then choose from our suppliers' websites. 
Step 4: 
You will be invoiced for the item of your choice by either the supplier or Deborah Lev depending on the liaison between us and them. 
Step 5: 
Your personalised item will be shipped to you. 

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Deborah is the Hebrew word for honeybee and the name of the prophetess in Judges. Lev is the Hebrew word for heart, which according to the scriptures, is the centre of our beings. Deborah Lev, through the poems and our prophetic products, provides honey for your soul.

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